About Labquip, Inc.

Labquip, Inc. was formed April 1, 2001, by Rick Meyer an entrepreneur dedicated to the laboratory service industry since 1981. Mr. Meyer saw a need to provide a variety of laboratory equipment and furniture to his existing customers that included quality without compromising function.

He saw a need to supply customers with turn-key sales, design, and installation alternatives focusing on the end user as well as the general contractor needs. Labquip is designed to provide long-term solutions to a customer base comprised of Hospitals, Pharmacies, Medical Labs, Bio-Medical Labs, Petro-Chemical Labs, Pharmaceutical Labs, Cleanrooms, or any other specialty laboratory applications.

Labquip, Inc. will provide special consulting, designs, drafting, and engineering as required by the customer. Please call us at 713-477-8506 to schedule a visit to our showroom or have a salesman call you at your location.


Accessible Vendors and Suppliers

Here is a list of vendors and suppliers where we purchase your high-quality lab equipment!

Airflow Monitors/Alarms/Magnahelics - Tel, Plastec, Dwyer, Sensocon
Balances/Scales - Ohaus, Adam, Cambridge
Biological Safety Cabinets - Labconco, Germfree, ESCO, Microvoid
Cabinets - Dwyer, Lab Design, GWS, Metro, Goelst, Air Control, Hatfield, BMC
Chemical Fume Hoods - Labconco, ESCO, Air Master Systems, Air Control, BMC
Clean Rooms - Built to suit, Air Showers from ESCO, Modular Clean Rooms, HEPAire A/C, Envirco MAC 10
Countertops - Epoxyn, Trespa - chemical resistant laminate, stainless steel
Dishwashers - Labconco
Doors- Chase
Eye Wash/Safety Shower - Chicago, Water Saver, Encon
Faucets - Chicago, Water Saver, Scientific Plastics
Glove Boxes - Germfree, Labconco
Lab Blowers - Central, Plastec, Labconco
Laminar Flow Hoods - Labconco, Germfree, ESCO
Restaurant Blowers - Central Blowers
Sinks, Dillution Tanks - Scientific Plastics, Epoxyn, Lab Design
Snorkels/Canopies - Labconco, Movex, Air Control, Custom Designed, Lab Design
Work Stations- Labconco


Our Employees

Rick Meyer, President


David Alexander, Sales/Estimating


Melody Smith, Office Manager